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Hypnotherapy Facts

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Is there a hypnotised feeling?

Most of us are often in a state of hypnosis at some point in the day, perhaps when we are driving and go into auto-pilot, reading a book or watching television we may become oblivious to everything and everyone around us, these are all examples of hypnosis.

What is the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is the tool hypnotherapists use to enable a deep state of relaxation and focus. Hypnotherapy is the tool used once that deep state is achieved to enable therapy for change.

Are Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Safe?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are completely safe, there are no side effects, except positive changes. You are in control the whole time and cannot be made to say or do anything you do not want to and you can bring yourself out at any time.

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis, what you see on stage acts is exactly that, a stage act for entertainment

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