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8 Reasons Why I May Need Therapy

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Many people would not think twice about getting help from a physio for muscle pain or a nutritionist to help lose weight but reaching out for help for unwanted emotional symptoms seems scary. Despite such fears getting professional help from a professional may be the best way of getting relief from emotional distress and taking back control.


1. You have been feeling low with little energy and finding it difficult to concentrate at work and can’t seem to shake it off. You may have little energy for everyday life and can’t seem to find the impetus to take part in activities you used to enjoy.

2. You notice an inability to bounce back after a traumatic event, loss of a loved one or personal difficulties. Its quite usual to feel emotional after such events but if these emotions persist for a length of time perhaps you may find it beneficial to talk to someone who can help.

3. You are suffering long-standing anxiety, with little improvement, or you may be unable to concentrate or feel a bit edgy. If this sound familiar reaching out for help may be the best way back to beginning to enjoy life again.

4. You have noticed you are suffering intense emotions around everyday stresses and challenges. If these emotions are affecting the way you function and stopping you from enjoying life speaking to a therapist may help you take back control.

5. You are avoiding social interaction or close relationships. Sometimes even interacting with friends and social acquaintances seems daunting even though you know its probably a good idea to help you feel good.

6. You are lacking in self-confidence and self-worth and constantly seeking approval from others and you can’t seem to help yourself. Your therapist will be trained to help you to make constructive changes.

7. You have an irrational crippling fear or phobia which is stopping you from living your life to the full. This not at all uncommon problem and often easy to resolve if you have the right help.

8. You are experiencing Post Covid lockdown anxiety, despite the lifting of restrictions you are finding it difficult to resume your normal activities, to get out there and enjoy life. Many people are feeling fearful of getting out there again, going to the shops, taking the kids to school, using public transport. Just a session or two with a trained therapist may be just the help you need.

Sometimes just being able to talk to a non-judgmental professional in a secure environment is just the tonic you need to help you deal with negative emotions, thoughts and feeling: to enable you to start making positive changes to how you respond to everyday challenges and improve your emotional well-being, to help you become the person you want to be.

Barbara Shead –

Helping You, Help Yourself

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