• Barbara Shead

Christmas Advice 2021

Updated: Jan 18

The Christmas festive period can be a difficult time for many, especially if watching your weight. At this festive time its traditional to entertain, or to be entertained, and which often involves eating foods in amounts we don’t usually consume. It can be difficult to avoid being overwhelmed with the availability of food and sometimes unwanted pressure from well-meaning friends or family to indulge.

So how can we enjoy the festive season but also avoid the post celebratory feelings of fullness and lethargy? If you want to stay healthy but still enjoy Christmas with your friends and family here are some festive tips to consider: -

· Plan your shopping needs, don’t forget others are also watching their weight. Buy the

best quality food you can afford.

· Eat regularly, three meals a day with healthy snacks is best, eat little and often,

don’t be tempted to skip meals, starve or restrict in order to binge later, this can lead

to bad habits and a roller coaster of restriction and binge eating.

· Savour your food – allow the receptors in the brain to register you have eaten and

note you are full. Have a small portion first! Or have a healthy dessert waiting at home!

· Include good carbs with your meals, we absolutely need them for energy and

good mood, add protein to your meals to help you be satiated.

· Include lots of vegetables, fruits, yoghurts and some nuts in your meals, eat your

vegetables raw if you can. A healthy Mediterranean diet is best! Ensure you eat good

fats, Omega 3 (oily fish, flaxseeds) and Omega 6 good quality oils such as olive oil,

seeds and nuts).

· Have a variety of healthy snacks available so you are not tempted by the processed high

sugar/fat alternatives. If you fancy something nice to eat, have some, but also think

about non-food treats to indulge yourself!

· Be aware of your alcohol intake, it can erode your willpower and play havoc with

blood sugars.

· Keep active – take a walk each day if possible.

· Taking part in a get together? You can eat before you go out if you are worried about

the food on offer. Consider taking a healthy option to the party, you will be surprised

how popular it will be e.g., crudités and healthy dips.

· Stand up for yourself, say no when you have had enough, no-one can force you to


· Get plenty of sleep – we eat more if tired!

· Keep hydrated, water and herbal teas are best.

· Lastly, if you do put on a few pounds don’t be tempted to starve, restrict or fast, getting

back to healthy eating will enable you to lose the extra pounds sensibly with no

lasting effects!

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